A reward token with a DAO ideology. 5% of all Buy/Sells distributed to token holders in BUSD.

Listed On PancakeSwap


Galaxy Surge ($GALS) is a community-based token that aims to reward the $GALS token holders via a decentralised smart contract distribution of 5% of all Buys & Sell transaction in BUSD.

The roadmap will see Galaxy Surge implement a DAO decision structure for investing in other blockchain and crypto projects once the marketing threshold balance is exceeded (See white paper).

Token Features

The $GALS token has an 11% Buy/Sell fee structure which is distributed as follows. The smart contract for $GALS has also been successfully audited.

Automated Liquidity Pool

2% is automatically allocated to the exchange liquidity pool by the smart contract.

Rewards for Holders

5% is distributed to holders of $GALS in proportion to their holdings.

Marketing & Operations

3% is distributed to the marketing and operations wallet. As part of our phase 2 road map a cap is placed on this wallet. (See DAO Investment Decision).


1% of the fees are allocated to a $GALS token buy-back wallet. The buy-back tokens are burnt during a monthly burn event.

DAO Investment Decision

Whilst 3% of all buy and sell transaction fees are allocated to Marketing & Operations (M&O), the Galaxy Surge Team believes that the fee allocated to M&O should have a cap. A quarterly balance cap of 1000BNB will be set for M&O. During the quarterly snapshot to be taken on the last day of the quarter, any BNB rewards balance in excess of 1000BNB in the M&O wallet will be moved to a dedicated Investment wallet where the community will vote on the decision to invest in other blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. 85% of tokens received from investing in other projects will be distributed to the top 500 holders of the GALS token. This would be implemented during the phase 2 road map.


Contract Address


The total supply of the $GALS token is 1,000,000,000,000,000. The tokens are to be distributed as follows.


Presale and Initial Exchange Liquidity – 45% (exchange liquidity locked)


Token Burn – 15% (Token Burnt at launch)


Team Tokens – 15% (90% vested for 20 months)


Advisor tokens – 5% (90% vested for 20 months)


Ecosystem – 20% (100% vested over 20 months)

Galaxy Surge Road Map

Phase 1

  • Project analysis and research – Sept 2021
  • Contract development testing and review – Nov 2021
  • Contract Audit – Dec 2021
  • Promotion and Creating Social Media Branding – Nov/Dec 2021
  • Public Presale – Dec 2021
  • Token Burn – Dec 2021
  • Listing on Pancake Swap
  • Listing on CMC, Coin Gecko, etc – January 2022

Phase 2

  • Marketing & Growth of Galaxy Surge Q1 2022
  • Listing on CEX Exchange Q1/Q2 2022
  • Buy-Back Implementation – Q1 2022
  • Partnership - Q1 / Q2 2022
  • Developing the GALS DAO Investment framework Q2 2022
  • Partnership - Q1 / Q2 2022

Phase 3

  • Driving the growth of Galaxy Surge beyond 2022
  • Developing additional features for the GALS token (Lending Solution, Exchange, GalaxySurge Market) – TBC

Official Email:

Smart Dogenomics


Breeding: 3% will be redistributed to every Late Doge holder as passive income to incentivize long term holding


Poop: 3% will go to Late Doge Poop Box never to be seen again, increasing the value of the remaining coins.


Snack: 2% will go to Late Doge Marketing Pool to promote our project and community


Naughty Doge is a token that helps those who need as much assistance at the time. We have decided to work with charities and organizations that focuses on social issues that minorities and small businesses face in the world today.

While many of holders are on their journey to reach the moon, we would like to join knowing we have left our mark on earth!

In other words, let’s get on the rocket while supporting our less fortunate friends who will be cheering us from the side-lines because being a holder of Naughty Doge means we make a change not only to our lives but the lives of others.

Our Team

How To Buy


Use a wallet connected to Binance Smart Chain (BEP20).


Add $LATEDOGE to your wallet’s tokens list by pasting $LATEDOGE’s address.


Ensure you have BNB available in your wallet.


Open PancakeSwap and connect to your wallet.


Paste the address of $LATEDOGE token and happy swapping!

How does Late Doge?

Late Doge taxes a total of 14% on every transaction which goes is subdivided into four parts:

A 5 % of sales transactions is redistributed back to all Late Doge holders.

A 5% of sales transaction will be allocated inside the liquidity pool.
A 3% tax will be allocated to the marketing wallet, to ensure future development.

Donations to the organizations will also be voted on by our community Late Doge holders. We will designate a separate charity wallet to ensure the money will be spent only on charity. Proof of charitable donations will be provided in our Telegram chat.

Is Liquidity Locked?

Liquidity is locked for 1 year

What does it mean to have ownership?

Our contract address has been verified on BSC scan.